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Ten Components of Defensive Runs Saved

  1. Range and Positioning System – measures range and positioning
  2. OF Arm Runs Saved – measures outfielder arms
  3. GDP Runs Saved – measures double play ability
  4. Bunt Runs Saved – measures ability to field bunts
  5. Good Play/Misplay Runs Saved – measures the run impact of good plays and misplays that are not accounted for in other components of Runs Saved
  6. Catcher Stolen Base Runs Saved – measures the catcher’s ability to control the running game
  7. Pitcher Stolen Base Runs Saved – measures the pitcher’s ability to control the running game
  8. Adjusted Earned Runs Saved – measures the catcher’s handling of pitchers
  9. Strike Zone Runs Saved – measures the number of extra strikes drawn by a catcher because of his framing ability.
  10. Shift Runs Saved – Measures team’s ability to defend when using a defensive shift

Here’s a grid showing which methodologies are used for which positions:

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