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First Base – Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona Diamondbacks

Goldschmidt has tremendous range at first base, affording him opportunities to make plays that no other fielders even have a chance at. He often fields the ball 30+ feet away from the bag, diving or sliding to his right and throwing to the pitcher or racing to the bag to get the out. He’s great at fielding throws, as evidenced by his MLB-leading Scoop Runs Saved, but that skill is also on display on hard-hit grounders, where he’s able to snag balls that would likely eat up other first basemen.

Previous Winners:
2016 Anthony Rizzo 2011 Albert Pujols
2015 Paul Goldschmidt 2010 Daric Barton
2014 Adrian Gonzalez 2009 Albert Pujols
2013 Paul Goldshmidt 2008 Albert Pujols
2012 Mark Teixeira 2007 Albert Pujols

Second Base – DJ LeMahieu, Colorado Rockies

Being the tallest second baseman in the league at 6'4" might cost him some fluidity and quick-twitch ability compared to the Jose Altuves of the world, but LeMahieu makes up for it with his ability to dive to his sides or leap to get line drives over his head. He makes most of his bones on plays up the middle, particularly with that range and by making throws across his body on the move. But he still passes the eye test on plays to his left, doing an excellent job sliding and turning around to make the throw from the ground. He led second baseman in Good Fielding Plays this season with 50, and has not finished outside the top three at the position in GFPs in the last four seasons.

Previous Winners:
2016 Dustin Pedroia 2011 Dustin Pedroia
2015 Ian Kinsler 2010 Chase Utley
2014 Dustin Pedroia 2009 Aaron Hill
2013 Dustin Pedroia 2008 Brandon Phillips
2012 Darwin Barney 2007 Aaron Hill

Third Base – Nolan Arenado, Colorado Rockies

Arenado is essentially a shortstop who plays third base. Arenado is the only infielder to make at least six plays above average on both batted balls to his left and to his right in each of the past two seasons. This outstanding range applies to not only groundballs, but also to pop flies as Arenado is an expert at navigating foul territory on the third base side. Additionally, Arenado thrives on making the barehanded play on dribblers up the third base line. Arenado has led all third baseman in Good Fielding Plays (GFP) in each of the past three seasons, with 57 GFPs during the 2017 season.

Previous Winners:
2016 Nolan Arenado 2011 Adrian Beltre
2015 Nolan Arenado 2010 Evan Longoria
2014 Josh Donaldson 2009 Ryan Zimmerman
2013 Manny Machado 2008 Adrian Beltre
2012 Adrian Beltre 2007 Pedro Feliz

Shortstop – Andrelton Simmons, Los Angeles Angels

There isn't a more deserving player than Andrelton Simmons to be the first to win five Fielding Bible Awards in a row. Everything he does out on the field looks effortless, from diving to make a stop on the right side of second base to making a throw from deep in the third base/shortstop hole. Not only are his physical traits among the elite at the position, but he's also one of the most intelligent players on the field at all times, seemingly always making the play to the correct base.

Previous Winners:
2016 Andrelton Simmons 2011 Troy Tulowitzki
2015 Andrelton Simmons 2010 Troy Tulowitzki
2014 Andrelton Simmons 2009 Jack Wilson
2013 Andrelton Simmons 2008 Jimmy Rollins
2012 Brendan Ryan 2007 Troy Tulowitzki

Left Field – Brett Gardner, New York Yankees

It's been six years since Gardner won his last Fielding Bible Award, but he looked just as good out there in 2017 as he did in 2011. He still possesses outstanding speed, allowing him to get to flyballs that others can't reach. He's also adept at tracking back toward the wall, as he made more than a few jumping catches near the wall that saved extra-base hits. Lest you think he only excels at fielding flyballs, he also had 10 outfield Kills (direct throws to a base to nab a runner) this season, tied for second most.

Previous Winners:
2016 Starling Marte 2011 Brett Gardner
2015 Starling Marte 2010 Brett Gardner
2014 Alex Gordon 2009 Carl Crawford
2013 Alex Gordon 2008 Carl Crawford
2012 Alex Gordon 2007 Eric Byrnes

Center Field – Byron Buxton, Minnesota Twins

With the exception of Billy Hamilton, Buxton is perhaps the fastest current major league regular. Even those rare times when he doesn't get the best initial read on a flyball, Buxton is able to use his sprinter speed and long strides to cover even the largest of outfields with ease. In 2017 Buxton was the only outfielder to make at least nine plays above average on both shallow and deeply batted balls. Buxton is fearless when he goes after flyballs. Even though he possesses excellent anticipation of where the outfield wall is and just how much real estate he has to work with, he won't hesitate to crash into the wall and give up his body if it means the out will be recorded, just like he did during the 2017 American League Wild Card game. Buxton's closing speed and ability to use the proper angles to cut off balls also frequently deters base runners from taking the extra base on batted balls that he is unable to run down.

Previous Winners:
2016 Kevin Pillar 2011 Austin Jackson
2015 Kevin Kiermaier 2010 Michael Bourn
2014 Juan Lagares 2009 Franklin Gutierrez
2013 Carlos Gomez 2008 Carlos Beltran
2012 Mike Trout 2007 Andruw Jones

Right Field – Mookie Betts, Boston Red Sox

Betts makes it look easy. Even as he's tracking a ball, he doesn't necessarily run like a gazelle. You rarely see him laying out for a catch. But he always gets there. He just extends his arm or jumps just enough to make the catch. His body control at the point of the catch is excellent, leading to several beautiful leaping grabs or late mid-air adjustments to the ball. He tends to shade himself towards center field a bit more because of his flexibility to his left, and he is unafraid of making catches at or near the wall. Playing in Fenway Park with its deep right-center field and short wall down the right field line, Betts’ center fielder range and his agility at the wall are especially impactful.

Previous Winners:
2016 Mookie Betts 2011 Justin Upton
2015 Jason Heyward 2010 Ichiro Suzuki
2014 Jason Heyward 2009 Ichiro Suzuki
2013 Gerardo Parra 2008 Franklin Gutierrez
2012 Jason Heyward 2007 Alex Rios

Catcher – Martin Maldonado, Los Angeles Angels

In his first full season behind the plate, Maldonado has proven himself to be one of the best defensive catchers in the game. In fact, the best, according to the Fielding Bible Award panel. He was above average in all five components of catcher Defensive Runs Saved, but he was particularly good at framing, where he saved 12 runs for the Angels, fourth-most in baseball. In terms of fielding balls in front of the plate, he is able to get out in front of the plate extremely quickly and throw out runners at first with his strong throwing arm (which he also used to save three runs in preventing potential stolen bases).

Previous Winners:
2016 Buster Posey 2011 Matt Wieters
2015 Buster Posey 2010 Yadier Molina
2014 Jonathan Lucroy 2009 Yadier Molina
2013 Yadier Molina 2008 Yadier Molina
2012 Yadier Molina 2007 Yadier Molina

Pitcher – Dallas Keuchel, Houston Astros

Keuchel only made 23 starts this year and still led all pitchers in Defensive Runs Saved. He saved nine runs, tied with voting runner-up Tyler Chatwood. Keuchel's release and follow-through are controlled in such a way that he keeps his hips squared to the plate, making it easier for him to get a quick jump on dribblers or get his eyes on a hard grounder that's hit right back to him. His ability to thwart the running game is legendary; he has only allowed 11 stolen bases total over the last four years.

Previous Winners:
2016 Dallas Keuchel 2011 Mark Buehrle
2015 Dallas Keuchel 2010 Mark Buehrle
2014 Dallas Keuchel 2009 Mark Buehrle
2013 R.A. Dickey 2008 Kenny Rogers
2012 Mark Buehrle 2007 Johan Santana

Multi-Position – Javier Baez, Chicago Cubs

Baez possesses arm strength that is above average when he plays on the left side of the diamond, and becomes downright ridiculous when he is playing second base. Baez believes he can make every throw on the diamond, and the vast majority of the time he is correct. Whether he is positioned at second base or shortstop, Baez is incredibly adept at ranging to his right, setting his feet, and getting off a strong accurate throw all in one fluid motion. He is also excellent as a relay man, using his aforementioned arm strength to cut down runners who attempt to take an extra base. No matter what position he is playing, Baez loves to position himself incredibly deep on the infield prior to the pitch to allow himself ample time and the opportunity of having every angle available to him as he chases down groundballs. Finally, Baez' ability to make quick tags directly upon receiving the ball has aided in making base runners extra wary when attempting to swipe second base.

Previous Winners:
2016 Javier Baez 2014 Lorenzo Cain
2015 Ender Inciarte